Small Sea Captain                                   Price $ 700
Large Scotsman with feather cap    Price $2,000

These paintings were salvaged and are original. They were once sold in a gallery in Frankenmuth, Michigan (and are stamped by the gallery on the backside.) They are oil paintings. They were painted by David Pelbam, a Northeastern painter who focused his work on primarily rabbis and sea captains. The man who modeled for every portrait he painted is reported to have been his father. He only painted from 1960-1970 (approximately, as reported.) His paintings have appeared in homes featured in Country Living,  Better Homes and Gardens, and Traditional Home.

Small Sea Captain – This painting measures aprx. 15 inches by 12 inches. The frame is custom, original and has been painted. Sea Captains are among David Pelbam’s most famous subjects.

Large Scotsman with feather cap – This painting measures aprx. 23 inches by 18 inches. The frame is custom, original and has been painted. The subject is not a rabbi or sea captain so this painting is considered a more rare and desirable work by David Pelbam.

Both pieces are signed. Both are marked original oil painting on the canvas reverse side. David Pelbam died in 2004.

All items are made from salvaged vintage goods, found objects, and some natural materials. All are sprinkled with imagination to create new one-of-a-kind pieces! Send all inquires: